Quality Workmanship
Responsible and Flexible
We are dedicated to providing superior wokmanship by qualified individuals, to be responsible and flexible to meet your needs. We like to support community efforts and build strong and lasting relationships.
Custom Fabrication
Our fabricators are skilled professionals who possess the training, experience, knowledge, and capability to turn your vision into reality!
Millwright Services
Our millwrights are the perfect blend of traditional and modern; old school customer service coupled with the latest tools and safety standards.
Material Handling
We posess the expertise and resources to help you with your material handling needs.
General Contracting
We perform a broad range of services, from general demolition and remodeling to custom installations of cutting-edge technology.
Engineering & Design
Our  licensed engineers will meet all of your design needs with a realistic time-line, clear documentation and the expertise to make your project a success.
  1. Clint Hummer
    Clint Hummer
    Owner & President (402) 300 1091
  2. Jo Vostrez
    Jo Vostrez
    Office Manager (402) 300 0192
  3. Vishnu Reddi
    Vishnu Reddi
    Engineer (402) 613 6693
  1. Mike Eveland
    Mike Eveland
    Project Manager (402) 300 0259
  2. Gaddiel "Dino" Panell
    Gaddiel "Dino" Panell
    Project Manager (402) 300 1133
  3. Ayndrea Cannon
    Ayndrea Cannon
    Safety Coordinator (402) 202 1179
  1. Jake Hollman
    Jake Hollman
    Foreman (402) 418 1320
  2. Juan Guiza
    Juan Guiza
    Foreman (402) 418 4470
  3. Willebaldo Guiza
    Willebaldo Guiza
    Foreman (402) 418 8573
  1. Employee of the Month
    Employee of the Month
    Willebaldo Guiza Foreman
Foundation and Values
Our business is built on integrity, dedication and innovation. We believe in providing you with a better solution at the right time for the right price.